MQ-RPS™ Info

The MagnaQuartz™ Radiation Protection System is based on studies of ancient literature and scientific results. The system works most effectively when worn properly.

Here is a brief description of our products:

Room/Home System: The materials used to produce this system are placed in a very specific way to create a field around a room, home, and yard that we believe protects those within the field from harmful effects from radiation, cell phones and towers, power lines, etc. (Obviously, in order to protect ourselves, we must declare that this has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended for health benefits.) Since it is hard for small children to wear the jewelry, their bedrooms can have systems where they can receive a great deal of exposure to this product. In rooms with a lot of electronics such as computers, roouters, televisions, etc. we feel from our experiments and through applied kinesiology, that this system grabs the harmful energy and harnesses it, bringing order out of chaos and protecting the body. (Again, not evaluated by the FDA and not intended to benefit anyone, etc. etc.)

This system has four pieces that are set by specific stone color in the four cardinal directions of the area you desire protected. In the center is a piece of quartz with a specific design of semi-precious jewels and together these produce an effect that has given us amazing results.

Adult’s Packet: A specific strength of magnets is combined on bracelets and anklets with beads, hematite, and/or other materials to achieve a proper balance. We have found through our personal experience that this formula, when combined with quartz crystal, provides an amazingly effective way to guard against radiation.

Pouch Packet: Some people hate to wear jewelry but want the added protection of a system when away from the home. A packet made up of six pouches that can be pinned inside clothing is a popular option. The quartz goes on the torso, usually front and behind the neck. The others pin inside shirt sleeves above the elbow and below the shoulder, and at the ankle. We add extra stones, copper and magnets to make up for the system not being in the more optimal position of wrists and ankles. They are a little bit less effective but still very powerful in creating a field.

Teen Packet: We offer various designs but the favorite of most teens is our friendship bracelets with stones, magnets and beads sewn onto the bracelet.

Children and Infant Packets: We currently are trying to develop a system that is safe and reliable for children. If you buy a jewelry system for your children, you may choose to sew a slip cover around the items so that if breakage occurs, they do not swallow any pieces.  Our current products present choking hazards and MagnaQuartz™ will not be responsible for any death/injury due to misuse of our products. A better option may be to buy a room/home system. A small system in a child’s bedroom can be wall mounted above the reach of children with the center piece hanging from a light or the center of the ceiling.

Dog or Cat Packet: Yes, even your beloved pets need protection when they go outside to exercise or do their business! The RPS system takes care of them so you don’t need to worry.

Bracelet Pairs:

If you see a pair you like, and wish to have a packet in that price range made to fit that style, please email with instructions.

Fashion Singles: We love to buy old jewelry and create various designs for our jewelry so some of our Fashion Singles cannot be duplicated. When selecting from a photo, we will let you know if it is available, and if not, we will ask if you would like us to recreate the fashion with the same color and approximate the style.

We have many other exciting products planned, so please look for them in the near future – including  earrings, both drop and stud, quartz hair clips, quartz head bands, hair tie backs, and a leather and quartz loop for a belt.

With the ongoing situation in Fukushima growing worse, and layers of low-dose radiation hitting the United States and northern hemisphere, we want to make our system available now. So until we have our shopping cart set up, please contact us and we will take orders by email.

Instructions for use of MagnaQuartz™ Radiation Protection System.

The system is designed to create an oscillating force that amplifies the body’s own bio-field.  The system consists of two anklets, two bracelets and at least two pieces of quartz.  The bracelet with copper beads should be worn on the right wrist and the anklet with copper beads should be worn on the left ankle.  This is because of the unique relationship between copper and magnets. When worn on opposite sides of the body the field created is strengthened and the flow needs to go from right to left.  Each anklet and bracelet contains magnetic components.  Additional strength in the field is gained by the use of semi-precious gems such as turquoise, jade, jasper etc and/or seashells or pearls on one or more of the anklets, bracelets or necklace.  Since quartz is one of the key components, the wearing of two items of quartz is important with earrings counting as one item unless the quartz pieces are each ¾ to 1 inch in length.  The use of extra quartz and/or extra magnets does increase the strength of the field created but should only be done for short periods of time as this can cause a person to feel agitated and may cause the body’s own bio-field generating ability to atrophy. When you suspect that environmental stresses are intense, increase the magnetic field by magnetic inserts in the magnetic clasps, and wear extra quartz.

Caution: This system is designed to strengthen the body’s natural bio-field.  You should try to limit your exposure to potential radiation sources and also eat a diet that is healthy, with a good source of chlorophyll.  Some people with underlying health problems wearing our system have reported an increase in energy that led to them pushing themselves beyond what they should causing some problems such as pulled and/or strained muscles. Pain is one way our bodies try to communicate with our minds. One of the ancillary benefits reported by users of our system is a relief from aches and pains. We recommend that our system be taken off from time to time to allow pains that are trying to tell us something to be evaluated.  Both injuries and infections have been reported by users of our system that have gone unnoticed for an extended period leading to a more difficult recovery due to the late start of proper treatment.  This system is not a panacea and cannot be relied upon to treat any disease, infection, strain, sprain, tear or break in the body.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.