Science Behind MQ

Explaining the Science Behind the MagnaQuartz

Every living organism (and also the earth and the solar system) is encircled by an electromagnetic field. That field is weakened by environmental and health factors that allows the body to be bombarded with dangerous elements.

Our unique and very specific placement, size and strength of magnets, stones and copper placed in the four cardinal directions of a room/home or area, with a specifically designed center piece, or the system worn on the body can strengthen the body’s natural  field, oscillating in a circular manner with a current that repels foreign elements. This is not news and many health practitioners are using magnets.

What makes our system different is that instead of creating an artificial magnetic field around our bodies with strong magnets, we have a balanced system that works with and strengthens our own bio-field. Our research indicates that our field can become exhausted and damaged by an artificial electro-magnetic system. With the proper balance, we feel that with time, our bodies will adjust to a hostile environment when our bio-field is strong and stable. Each cell also has its own field and the sympathetic reflection of our cells with a healed and strengthened outer bio-field may strengthen the cells so they do not absorb radioisotopes.

We are having amazing results with MagnaQuartz™ and so far have encountered only two problems.

The first is people initially not believing it will work because of the easiness of the way. Natural materials like quartz and turquoise seem powerless to most people who do not know what they do in computers, watches, and lots of other instrumentation.

The second problem comes with a warning. This system gives people more energy so a few people with pre-existing health problems have over-taxed their bodies so we are asking people who have health problems to pace themselves carefully. We believe one of the reasons for this increased strength is the shuffling of electrons that takes place as the plasma field is created between the quartz and magnets etc. Every time an electron moves, energy is given off and we may be the recipients of that constantly produced energy. More on the science of this process is found below.

A final warning is that some people with health issues slept a great deal after first wearing their system because their bodies were trying to repair serious damage and seemed to demand rest so that work could be done.

MagnaQuartz MagnaManAnother piece of good news is that when we wear the system for the majority of the day and need to take it off for some reason, there remains a residual effect for a period of time, so we do not need to fear and can be confident in living our lives.

For those who are not currently open to the idea of wearing magnets (this includes many physicians in the US, although we understand that physicians in Europe are beginning to use them) we would ask you to read what we have written here and try to understand that we are not using medical science but quantum mechanics, which are two fields with almost nobody doing anything that involves both.

We live in a day of narrow specialization, where interaction between various disciplines is becoming rare. Those in the medical field need to get together with quantum physicists. Many ancient health practices can be clearly understood in light of the astonishing new advances of quantum mechanics.

Because scientists in the medical field are not very conversant with quantum physics they don’t open their minds to other possibilities.  A careful study of the science behind NASA’s new plasma shield (follow the link found near the end of this article), will help those truly interested understand the principles we are using. Please have an open mind and look into this before throwing out what we believe to be crucial information. Thank you.

Breaking Down the System Components

Clear Quartz:

Pierre Curie, husband to Madame Marie Curie, was a brilliant physicist and though he spent some time helping his wife with her work he also made his own discoveries with the help of his brother.

“The Curie brothers discovered that when force is applied to certain crystals, the crystalline structure became distorted and they generate electrical voltage. Reciprocally, when placed in an electric field these same crystals became compressed, producing voltage. Recognizing the connection between the two phenomena, Pierre was able to develop ideas about the fundamental role of symmetry in the laws of physics.

Pierre and his brother devised the piezoelectric quartz electrometer, which can measure faint electric currents. His wife, Marie Curie, also studied these principles. In the century following its discovery by the Curie brothers, the piezoelectric effect was put to use in such familiar everyday devices as microphones, quartz watches, and electronic components.”[1]

According to an online source:

“A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency. This frequency is commonly used to keep track of time (as in quartz wristwatches), to provide a stable clock signal for digital integrated circuits, and to stabilize frequencies for radio transmitters and receivers. The most common type of piezoelectric resonator used is the quartz crystal, so oscillator circuits designed around them became known as “crystal oscillators.”

Quartz crystals are also found inside test and measurement equipment, such as counters, signal generators, and oscilloscopes.”[2]

This piezoelectric effect is the key to our system. Two pieces of quartz are worn on the torso, separated by at least six inches, or the torso and neck or head.

Electromagnetic field:

The Curies also did a lot of pioneering research into the study of magnetism.[3]

Magnetism and electricity are closely related, and are regarded by physicists as two expressions of a single force, called “electromagnetism”. Although only minerals that are strongly attracted to a magnetic field are considered to be magnetic, all matter has some magnetic properties, even though it may be too small to be readily detectable. This is because all matter is made up of moving charged particles (electrons and protons), whose motion sets up magnetic fields. [4]

mThe ancients believed that man could be put in motion by oscillating energy. DaVinci’s “Man in Motion” is one way this idea was portrayed. A healthy bio-field with a smooth oscillation is one of the keys to health and is necessary to protect us from dangerous particulates as the ionosphere helps protect the earth.

There are bracelets on the market that create an artificial electro-magnetic field around our body. Our system is different because instead of creating a strong, artificial field, our magnetic bracelets and anklets actually work with our own to strengthen it and help our bodies adjust to the new environment. I am an expert in applied kinesiology, and through that, study, and experimentation, we have put together the proper magnetic strength for bracelets and anklets to balance the body’s natural bio-field. Some protection and help can be found by wearing the bracelets alone, but to create an actual field, the anklets or shoe magnets must be worn.

This strong, and healthy bio-field, creates a sympathetic vibration in each cellular bio-field to also help protect against internal-emitters. Quantum entanglement explains this phenomena:

Quantum entanglement is a feature of quantum mechanics that occurs when physical properties of a quantum system have become related in a single quantum state. Hence, if the system is composed of multiple particles, one of the particles cannot be fully described without also considering the other(s), even if the particles are separated by some distance.[5]

Thus, entanglement theory explains that the bio-field for the whole body, even though separated by space from our cells, works as a single quantum state to protect against unwanted dangers. Our research indicates that unless ingested in sizable quantities, dangerous particulates tend to pass through the body without binding. On the other hand artificial systems take over from the bio-field, so that with time, it becomes exhausted and atrophied like unused muscles.

The interaction between the voltage produced by the piezo effect of crystalline stones and the magnetic field around the body creates a much more effective shield and also creates a plasma field between the body and its bio-field via a chemical reaction, which will be discussed below. Our planet has a system that protects its surface to some extent from certain particles and radiation.  It consists of the Ionosphere (magnetic field) and the atmosphere (plasma). What our system is designed to do is to create a similar protection around our own bodies.

Computers use quartz and in order to protect the quartz and eliminate broadcast signals, ferrite, semi-magnetic beads are used to choke broadcast signals. The signal turns into heat in the bead.[6]

Radiation puts out frequencies, as do power cables, cell phones, etc. The electromagnetic waves in our system also block out frequencies, protecting the body.

Plasma shield:

With the MagnaQuartz™ Radiation Protection System, the magnets on the wrists and ankles help our own bio-field oscillate at a faster and stronger pace. The quartz creates a stable center for a smooth and ordered flow, and also, because of the piezoelectric effect, produces voltage that exchanges energy with the magnetic field. This produces a very powerful field that protects the body. There is a chemical reaction between the two fields where ionized atoms create a plasma field that keeps out dangerous particles, and creates an atmospheric-like area that makes breathing easier. The ancients called this plasma field, ‘sacred space.’ They could also have called it a ‘firmament.’

To understand more about the plasma shield and how it works, we will take a look at how light and color works.

Semi-precious stone, abalone, pearls, hematite:

The blue or green vibration (wavelength), according to quantum mechanics, is the right strength to encourage electrons to chemically recombine and bond in the ionized field between the bio-field and the body. This creates a more breathable environment. Quantum mechanics explains how the system is greatly enhanced by the addition of turquoise, lapis lazuli, jade, blue onyx, agate, jasper, abalone shell, hematite, green marble, blue topaz or real pearls (not freshwater). These all have iridescent blue and green shades whether or not that is their basic color so they have the right vibration.

To understand the processes within photons, we need to understand that photons have specific wavelengths measured in a unit called the ‘Einstein.’ The energy of a specific photon is determined by its wavelength, with the shorter being stronger. Each photon (quantum) of a certain wavelength can do twice the work of a photon of twice that wavelength.

An “Einstein” of green light has the right amount of energy to capture light and help encourage chemical bonding in an ionized atmosphere. It takes energy to rearrange or disassemble atoms and molecules. They vibrate or rotate when they are exposed to photons. How fast they vibrate is determined by the amount of energy in the light which is determined by the color (wavelength). Electrons are excited into new orbits if the light is in the middle color spectrum. Infrared is not strong enough. Ultraviolet has short wavelengths with so much energy that the electrons shoot right out of the bond or even the molecule to which it is attached in a chaotic state. X-rays and gamma rays have extreme effects on atoms and molecules so a strong, rapidly oscillating field is necessary to protect the environment around the body.

We need to briefly explain how light behaves. Infrared light carries less energy than red, with each step up the light spectrum holding more energy. Our current understanding of light is called “quantum theory of light”, or “quantum electrodynamics”. The energy in the higher light spectrum is short like bullets, and the lesser energy in the lower light spectrum is like a bendable wave.

When electrons from atoms or molecules rearrange themselves, they emit or absorb photons. The arrangements of the electrons are the source of the “chemical bond.” Photon energy corresponds to color. For the proper energy to encourage successful chemical bonding, blue and green is the right level of energy. With the voltage from the quartz, and the electro-magnetic field interacting, the environment is perfect for the semi-precious stones to influence the ionization with just the right amount of energy. The quantized patterns or chemical forces, with photons being emitted and absorbed, creates a plasma shield that assists better breathing and thicker, stronger protection around the body.[7]


Nikola Tesla used a copper coil as part of his anti-gravity experiments.[8]

There are many YouTube videos that show experiments with magnets and copper. In one of these videos you can see a magnet floating over a copper bar. Copper actually has a weak magnetic field that spins in the opposite direction from the field that a magnet creates. These two forces working in opposition greatly increases the rate of oscillation of the bio-field.

This oscillating in the opposite direction than the magnetic field reminds us of the particle accelerator in Cern, Switzerland, where this oscillation in opposite directions is a key component in creating the speed necessary to unlock the mysteries of how the universe operates. This is another example of quantum entanglement:

“An example of entanglement occurs when subatomic particles decay into other particles. These decay events obey the various conservation laws, and as a result, pairs of particles can be generated so that they are in some specific quantum states. For instance, a pair of these particles may be generated having a two-state spin: one must be spin up and the other must be spin down.. This type of entangled pair, where the particles always have opposite spin, is known as the spin anti-correlated case, and if the probabilities for measuring each spin are equal, the pair is said to be in the singlet state.”[9]

So the force of the opposite spins of copper and magnets encourages the fast spin of the bio-field. The Hebrew word for firmament is ‘raqia,’ meaning beaten copper. Copper is a good conductor of energy. When used in combination with magnets and semi-precious stones, this rapid oscillation can be created around the body because copper helps magnets overcome the pull of gravity and re-orient around the quartz on the body, the stable center place.

Second Quartz:

When the second piece of quartz is worn, this brings the most dramatic effects from this system. Many people have reported a relief from symptoms that may be related to low-dose radiation from Fukushima including; headaches, a tickling cough, dizziness, mental confusion, and depression.

There is a “daughter/daughter” effect in quantum physics that we believe suggests that wearing the second piece of quartz with the full system can actually repair DNA that has been damaged by dangerous particulates like radiation that can slice pieces out of DNA. This quantum effect uses light photons to repair the damage.

“Cells of all types have evolved mechanisms for repairing DNA damage. These repair systems deal with damage caused by UV, ionizing radiation, chemical agents in the environment, and just plain everyday wear-and-tear or spontaneous damage. Scientists have found a surprising similarity in the DNA repair systems of fairly unrelated organisms.”[10]

One piece of quartz acts to absorb the photon and the other is the action piece of quartz to repair the damage to the DNA. This is called photoreactivation, using visible light as the energy source. Recombinational repair occurs when recombination between DNA molecules rescues cells that have developed gaps.

“Most of the time, the repair proteins (photoreactivation or excision) win, since even in UV-irradiated cells, mutation and recombination frequencies are low. A cell will die if a dimer is not repaired. A cell will live and be unchanged if an error-free system repairs the dimer. A cell will live and may be changed if an error-prone or recombinational system repairs the damage.”[11]

There is a strong connection between Ozone and DNA Damage.

“To see how it all fits together, consider two more kinds of spectra. One is called the absorption spectrum for ozone and the other is the action spectrum for damage to DNA. Recall that a spectrum is a graph of any property plotted against wavelength (or photon energy). An absorption spectrum for something like ozone, then, would be a graph of how well it absorbs photons plotted against the wavelength.”[12]

The UV wavelengths that do the most damage to DNA (radiation) are strongly absorbed by ozone. The ozone layer around the earth protects us from the sun’s radiation. The plasma shield (similar to our atmosphere) around our body that is created by the quartz and bio-field protects us in a similar manner.

Photoreactivation is a process where a light photon chemically breaks apart the damaged part of DNA and repairs the system. The two pieces of quartz work together to replace the damage with light photons that then vibrate sympathetically with healthy DNA to replicate the good DNA strand.

Einstein’s famous formula; E=mc2 solves the equation. Energy, when slowed down as it takes its place in the DNA strand, vibrates at a slower rate than light, thus becoming matter. Its rate of vibration determines what its properties are. Water to wine? Change your vibration. So with the sympathic entanglement of that piece with the same section of a healthy DNA strand, the missing piece has been replicated.[13]

We are especially excited about this potential to repair damage because children are in such danger from radiation because of their rapid growth.

“Child’s risk of cancer from radiation is 10-100 times higher than an adult who had same exposure.”[14]

There are radiation bracelets and necklaces out there but each are only doing part of the job, and doing nothing about DNA repair.

This is a basic explanation for the system, but a very thick book would be needed to fill in all the corners. However, we encourage our readers to dig and connect the dots because this exciting science is taking leaps and bounds in this day of explosive knowledge.

Following is a portion of an article of NASA’s Plasma Shields:

“Plasma shields may turn out to be the closest ‘realistic’ technology can come to mimicking the nigh-magical force fields of science fiction. Cold plasmas are just what they sound like. Normal plasmas, such as those used in fusion and rocket research, can usually only be produced at very high temperatures. Cold plasmas are produced at room temperature or lower, making them ideal for a number of practical applications. Ionized hydrogen is usually cited for space applications, as a strong electrical current can easily strip the element into raw nuclei and electrons.

Cold plasmas are much easier to generate in a vacuum environment such as space, so its likely their first large-scale applications will be found there in the form of a protective shield for spacecraft. The ship generates an electromagnetic field about itself, much as in the case of electromagnetic defense shields. In this case, however, cold plasmas are ejected around the ship and held in place by the magnetic fields. As the plasma is itself electrically charged, it adds to the field’s strength, allowing it to obtain much greater resilience at lower power levels than magnetic fields alone.

The powerful magnetic field will turn away the charged particle that make up space-borne radiation hazards such as the solar wind. Physical objects such as micrometeoroids or shrapnel will become ionized on encountering the outer edges of the field and can be deflected by the like-charged but much stronger inner portions of the field, assuming the field is made strong enough to overcome their kinetic energy. The ionized plasma particles of the field will greatly aid this effect, by knocking off surface electrons via impacts on incoming objects and by setting up swirling electrical eddies throughout the field.

In order to generate the field, meshes or loops of superconductors would have to be affixed to the outer hull of a spacecraft. There are two modes of thought on the actual design: one, an ‘open’ shield design, would rely on the magnetic fields generated directly from the hull. These would work similarly to the Van Allen radiation belts that naturally trap ionized particles in Earth’s magnetic field. The second option, a ‘closed’ shield, would use the electromagnetic field of a wire mesh suspended some distance from the spacecraft.[15]

How we arrived at the solution to dangerous radiation:

My own research led me a few years ago to the study of Quantum Mechanics. I was excited and astonished to find the ancient pattern described in scientific language. The Sefer Yetzirah is one of many ancient sources that help explain the process of physics.

When I translated part of the Sefer Yetzirah from Hebrew, it was much more enlightening than in English. The 3 Mothers described in the Sefer Yetzirah hold many layers of information. Egyptology, Sumerian mythology, ancient Native American traditions, and ancient rabbinical writings, especially the Zohar, Bahir, and Sefer Yetzirah have helped me identify the pattern that led me to a study of Quantum Mechanics. I was excited and astonished to find the ancient writings describing the functioning of the universe written in modern scientific language.

The Sefer Yetzirah is one of the best explanations of the process of the creation of atmosphere. Creation is depicted by the 3 mothers necessary for life. The interaction of earth as the stabilizer, with the energy from the sun, create the 3rd mother in between, air. With our system, the quartz stabilizer reorients the energy from the electromagnetic field around itself. The interaction between in the ionized field creates the necessary chemical reaction for a plasma of pure, breathable air. The ancients would call it “sacred space.”

The years I have spent studying the firmament opened my eyes to the chemical process of what the ancient Egyptians called the breath of life. The Book of Breathings is replete with ideas similar to a modern explanation of chemical interactions to create atmosphere.

Raqia, or firmament, means the beaten copper canopy over the earth that holds in the atmosphere. Also implied, according to some Biblical experts, is extreme compression.[16]

This follows Curie’s discovery using an electro-magnetic field to apply force to the quartz in order to create voltage.

The Hebrew description of the creation of the firmament suggests a series of events that bring about the electro-magnetic grid that helps to hold in atmosphere, and interacts with the sun and earth so a chemical reaction and bonding creates the atmosphere and also protects the earth from dangerous particulates. Bringing order out of chaos by a spin, or an orbit around a stable structure is an ancient concept. The electro-magnetic field of the earth, or our bio-field, both need a stable center of gravity to orbit.

In 1874, Isaac Vail proposed the canopy theory. He taught that a canopy (firmament) was initially formed when the earth cooled from a molten state. This makes sense to us because in a solid state, most of the rocks would cool to a stable crystalline structure, forming the mass for gravitational attraction.

Then the interaction between the crystal lattice structure of rock and the sun would create the voltage needed to begin the chemical reactions necessary for atmosphere.

Certainly there were many other factors involved but this would be the first step. Isaac Vail began putting together his hypothesis by studying ancient Babylonian mythology. Many ancient scholars believed the firmament was made from a hard shell, but others asserted that it was not hard, but merely a boundary.[17]

What seems to fit the bill is our ionosphere which corresponds to the idea of the boundary of our bio-field.

“The ionosphere is a part of the upper atmosphere, comprising portions of the mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere, distinguished because it is ionized by solar radiation. It plays an important part in atmospheric electricity and forms the inner edge of the magnetosphere. It has practical importance because, among other functions, it influences radio propagation to distant places on the Earth.”[18]

Ancient cultures believed in sacrifice as the center piece of a stable environment. My studies have led me to believe that this ties into light photons as the basis of life. The black hole at the center of our galaxy absorbs material, breaks it down into light photons, then shoots that back out into space. This friendly radiation is the antithesis of the dangerous radiation that comes from the sun, and is necessary for life. Let’s take a look at what scientists are saying about this subject:

“Some of the material accreting onto a black hole may get ejected at very high velocities along the directions defined by the black hole rotation axis; this is called bipolar flow.”[19]

In an article called: “Milky Way’s black hole may blow bubbles – Astronomers discover gamma ray-emitting blobs above and below the galaxy’s center”, Douglas Finkbeiner of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA, described findings from data he and his colleagues analyzed. Finkbeiner favors the theory that jets of material are expelled from the giant black hole that is thought to reside at the galactic center.[20]

Other scientists have written about the theory that there is a friendly radiation emanating from the center of the galaxy.

“Many of the molecules have carbon in them and are called organic molecules. The organic molecules and the water and ammonia molecules are used in biochemical reactions to create the building blocks of life: amino acids and nucleotides. The presence of these molecules in the interstellar medium shows that some of the ingredients for life exist throughout the Galaxy.”[21]

Our hypothesis is that the second piece of quartz on our system attracts this friendly radiation with which to help shield the body and actually repair DNA. There is solid quantum physics that explains this DNA repair which we will get to later. First, there is exciting and hopeful ancient science that makes us feel there is some good news. All ancient cultures that we have studied believed deeply that the cosmos ran on the law of opposites, that there is a balance in all things and this is what keeps chaos at bay. Nature does find a way, and some of us believe God helps with this.

Although there is a lot of debate among astronomers, many believe that our solar system is now entering the elliptical swing in our journey around the galaxy that brings us in line with the galactic plane.  This will bring danger as this plane has a lot of traffic; solar storms, space dust, asteroids, etc. But also this would put us in line to receive more friendly radiation from the center of the Milky Way, to help balance the dangerous radiation we are being threatened with.

If we are correct in our theory, our system attracts this friendly radiation, and helps keep the negative radiation at bay. It would be, so to speak, a microcosm of a firmament around our body. Dr. Hugh Nibley wrote a great deal about firmaments and tied them to the ancient New Year Rite.

“The Egyptians, like the Babylonians, saw in the stars before all else the timing of events. It was the great complex of the year-rite which put man into the cosmic existence in which there is literally only one conceivable theater of being-and it embraces everything.”

“Creation goes on and on in a living civilization: “History for the Egyptian is the festive…periodic renewal of what happened in the beginning,…celebrating ritual based on what is necessary and prescribed, a constant renewing of the constructions and campaigns of the Pharaoh.[22]

Nibley also wrote, “The universe must have the rituals to maintain order and not have everything go back to a state of chaos. Nature cannot do this herself, but must have the unity of the people and the rituals to accomplish the task.”[23] The ancients believed that sacrifice and ritual helped keep the years turning, and the cosmos in a smooth spin.

How amazing it was for us to study the make-up of the Cern Switzerland large hadron collider, and to see how it resembles the ancient ritual ideas of how the cosmos works. This is the world’s largest energy particle accelerator, the creation of 2,000 scientists from 34 countries. The seventeen mile long, circular, spiraling pipes carry two proton beams going in opposite direction at almost the speed of light, which reminds us of the kundalini serpents or the Caduceus. This is being called the 2,100 ton Tower of Babel. One of its major purposes is to discover what is called “the God particle,” the building block for all nature, the gateway to the answer of the eternal question.”

CERN Particle Collider

There has been a lot of concern about the wobble in the axis of the earth that occurs every time the 26 thousand year cycle is completed as it will do in the year 2012. New Age believers hope to ease the world through what is normally a turbulent time by helping large numbers of people achieve a higher state of consciousness. There are hopes that the knowledge that comes from the CERN project can help achieve this. Although we doubt the particle collider will offer much hope, we do believe the timing of the ending of the Great Year of 26,000 years corresponds in many ways to the idea of the old New Year Rite, where the old life ends and a new life begins on a different plane. With the alignment of the galactic center, we may have an amazing gift in combating dangerous environmental radiation.

In Egyptology, the goddess Nut represents the Milky Way that stretches over the earth to protect her and hold in the air. The stable god Geb, sits as a representative of the earth, and together they create the necessary air in the middle to sustain life. Does the Milky Way hold the key to our protection through friendly radiation? We believe it does. For those who believe Fukushima represents the death knell for life, we have great hope that this will prove false.

Dr. Nibley studied a great deal of Egyptology, and especially their disks called a “hypocephalus.” He wrote that, “the hypocephalus is meant to go back to the first creation. Once a biosystem is established on earth, the next problem is how to keep it self-operating.”[24] Nibley believes the hypocephalus is a representation of the firmament, among other things. The circular shape represents both space and time. Nibley wrote:

“Every 26 million years we have these things happen. What could that be? Well, there are two theories. There is one of the Oort Cloud between Pluto and all this Neptune stuff. See how it has caught us by surprise overnight? Between them is a mass of stuff circulating on an almost galactic scale. Every 26 million years in the sun’s course around the galaxy we pass through that, and then we get showered by this stuff. The other [theory] is that the sun has a companion star, a dark star, that we can’t see at a great distance. They go around each other every 26 million years, and they call that Nemesis.

Nemesis brings with it a cloud of planets in its own dust. When we pass through all that stuff, we get showered and plastered again. This is the picture, you see. There’s a dense cloud of comets that astronomers believe surrounds our solar system. Something could periodically unsettle that cloud and fling battalions of comets. It could be either Nemesis or the Oort Cloud. They don’t mention that here. [It could be] a star orbiting our sun, a tenth planet. Our planet moves periodically through a star-dense spiral.”[25]

There are many orbits, our earth around the sun, our solar system around the north star, the galaxy, etc. Below is more on our orbit around the galactic plane:

Our sun is part of a large mass of stars, interstellar gas and dust, and possibly dark matter. This is known as a galaxy. Ours we call the Milky Way. The Sun orbits the centre of the Milky Way at a distance of about 25,000 to 28,000 light-years from the centre, and it takes about 226 million years to complete a revolution. This graphic shows in a simplistic way the shape of the galaxy and the suns position in the galaxy.

Viewing the galaxy from the side, astronomers draw an imaginary line along length of it called the “plane of the galaxy” or “galactic plane.”  The line is used as a co-ordination system for astronomers.

During its journey around the galaxy, the sun wobbles above and below the galactic plane. This is how one theorist describes it, so the Solar System bobs up and down like a horse on a carousel through the dense, central portion of the galactic disk. (Michael Rampino – see below).

As the quote mentions, the central part of the disc is the densest part of the galaxy and it is the existence of the dense area and the sun’s journey through it which has given rise to theories that this may explain life extinction events on earth.

The sun’s path is inclined about 25 degrees to the plane of the galaxy and is headed toward a region in the constellation of Hercules near its border with Lyra. The sun oscillates through the plane of the galaxy with an amplitude of about 230 light-years, crossing the plane every 33 million years.[26]

One hypothesis is that this corresponds with the solar system oscillating through the galactic plane as it orbits the Milky Way. Rampino notes that the last crossing of the galactic plane occurred a few million years ago and it has been suggested that this led to a disturbance of comets in the Oort Cloud, some of which could now be approaching the inner solar system.[27]

So how does the year 2012 come into the equation? As far as I can establish this date comes from a theory that the Mayan’s calendar was due for renewal in 2012. One particular writer, John Major Jenkins, has written that this coincides with the crossing of the galactic plane and the aligning of earth’s solar plane.

THE HOW AND WHY OF THE MAYAN END DATE IN 2012 A.D. by John Major Jenkins[28]

The science behind MagnaQuartz is exciting and gives us hope for a promising future. We are living in a day where ancient and modern knowledge are blending to give us the answers for adapting to a new and changing environment. Order from chaos is an ancient theme that strikes a chord with us today as we watch a chaotic world spiral out of control. The concept behind the firmament, an ordering or reordering of materials and  energy to provide a friendly environment, seems to be the solution to easing mankind through coming challenges. The earth and the cosmos provide the necessary tools for us to do this. Thus empowered, we do not have to fear for ourselves or our families if we can take advantage of this knowledge. Because we cannot see dangerous radiation, or maybe because of the easiness of the way this system provides, people may doubt its efficacy, its need or the science behind it. We understand and struggle with those things also, but logic insists that the dangers are real. Science and experience have proven to us that this system works.




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