Area Systems

Electro-Magnetic Chaos is Making our

Modern World a Dangerous Place

The government agency NIOSH reports that studies link several types of cancer and alzheimer’s disease with exposure to EMF’s.

Do you have concerns about harmful Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) or radiation from nuclear power plants … cell phones …computers …television … air travel? Do you live close to high voltage power lines? Want to be prepared for a dirty bomb or all out nuclear war?

Try our unique MagnaQuartz™ System to help protect your family from these environmental dangers while still living a normal life and enjoying every day activities! These systems are great for offices where a lot of electronic equipment is in use and especially for anyone practicing the healing arts to protect clients and help them feel better mentally, physically and emotionally during treatment.

The recent epidemic of depression, anxiety, cancer, miscarriages, sleeping disorders, etc. has doctors shaking their heads and people suffering with little hope. Our rapid progress to a more technological world, especially wireless devices has us surrounded on every side by harmful electro-magnetic fields that are causing great damage to our bodies. Getting rid of technology is not the answer for most people, so we are happy to introduce a new system that we believe protects our families from EMF chaos and we also believe the system shields us from the majority of harmful radiation we are receiving in the trade winds from Japan’s nuclear accident.

There are well ordered electro-magnetic fields that are protective, and there are chaotic, harmful electro-magnetic fields that are plaguing modern society. The best remedy to the latter kind is found in the protective, well ordered field. This is what we offer.

Ancient Beliefs and Modern Quantum Physics

How MagnaQuartz Came To Be

The MagnaQuartz™ Area System was developed from ancient technology by Joy Bischoff, who has studied Egyptology, Hebrew rabbinical writings, and teachings from many cultures throughout the ancient world. After decades of research, she came to understand that many of the mythologies and rites of ancient cultures were simply a different way of describing their conception of science. For the last five years she has added the study of quantum physics in conjunction with astronomy to her study of ancient cultures. She found that some of the “superstitions” and mythology of ancient cultures actually make sense when studied under the light of current theories of quantum physics. Joy’s understanding that science and symbolism are behind ancient mythology led her to develop her MagnaQuartz™ systems (She has also developed a system that is worn on the person’s body). She learned that the pattern that defines the universe is replicated in our galaxy, in smaller and smaller circles down to the human body and even in our cells.

Dr. Hugh Nibley, considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert on ancient cultures in modern times, agreed that many ancient teachings are reflected in modern science. One example of this is when he wrote: “The various patterns and designs produced by ancient Oriental religion and modern Western science do look a lot alike, and this is no accident,…because they both represent the same reality…In giving us a picture of the entire universe, including ourselves, both the Eastern sages and modern physics, cover the same ground in different ways…”(The Early Christian Prayer Circle, Hugh W. Nibley, Provo, Utah: Maxwell Institute)

Our system grabs electro-magnetic chaos and brings it into a state of order that not only is not harmful to the body but is beneficial.

How is MagnaQuartz different than other systems?

This is not the only system that protects from EMF. However, we do claim that our finely tuned energy system is more beneficial. Other systems help you resonate with the Earth’s energy or use receivers for their own broadcasted frequencies. We have gone further than any other by using components that will not only put you in resonation with the Earth thus grounding your energy for better flow, but we also are using components that are receivers for the very energy that flows from the center of our galaxy. The interaction between those two forces is what makes this unique and more effective.

The latest theories coming out of Harvard and other respected universities are that light photons coming from the center of the galaxy to earth are friendly. ( Dr. Nibley wrote that the friendly radiation emanating from the Milkyway is necessary to regenerate life on earth. These particles protect us, feed us light and help sustain life. Science is just beginning to understand this concept whereas the ancient cultures were permeated with these beliefs. (Work We Must, But the Lunch Is Free, Hugh W. Nibley, (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book and FARMS, 1989), 203–51.) It is this friendly radiation that is the perfect protection from harmful radiation being released from Fukushima after the 3 full meltdowns in March 2011. Our system draws that good radiation around us.

Following the idea of science cloaked as mythology, the Egyptians had many symbolic stories that illustrated the idea of life-sustaining substance emanating from space. The goddess Nut representing the Milkyway which they believed shed a milk-like energy that we need for life, just as Nibley asserts above. Like a nursing mother, the center of the Milkyway emits light photons that are strongly drawn into a bio-field by crystalline quartz (we use quartz in our system). Learn more about the astronomy and physics behind how this works by reading the science pages at

Using a very specific combination of materials put together in a unique way and according to the size of the area, we are following ancient designs that bring order out of chaos. Dr. Nibley wrote that ancient alchemists were forever trying to come up with the exact combination of metal, especially copper, sacred stones, crystals and other natural substances to bring about health and protection. (One Eternal Round, Hugh Nibley, p. 44) Rarely was the purpose of alchemy a desire to create gold except in a symbolic manner. Nibley explained that the proper combination of these materials supported an ordered environment. (Ibid, p. 623) Nibley taught that the four elements were correlated with the four cardinal directions and also four colors. (Ibid, p. 595)

Our system does what the ancients long sought for. The MagnaQuartz™ system units are placed in the four cardinal directions and use elements of specific colors.  Our system draws from the earth and space and is designed to protect from radiation sources such as your TV, wireless internet, electrical wiring, cell phones etc, as well as from harmful radioactive particles in the atmosphere. The MagnaQuartz™ area system consists of five elements; four wooden casings upon which are mounted copper, magnetic and semi-precious elements along with a quartz crystal on each plus a quartz and semiprecious stone centerpiece. The casings may be placed on the floor, on furniture or mounted on walls while the quartz centerpiece should hang from a light fixture or the ceiling.

Also, our MagnaQuartz™ Radiation Protection System uses technology similar to what NASA is now testing to protect its spacecrafts from dangerous radiation. Pierre Curie’s famous piezoelectric effect helps explain how our system works but has never been applied to people. So now, in an increasingly compromised environment, we can use the same protective energy field that benefits delicate instrumentation, but even more effectively since we already have an existing bio-field, which our system strengthens. Our experience has shown that using our system has strengthened our own bio-field to the degree that when we leave our home we retain a residual effect from the system for a few hours.

Following is an excerpt from an important interview. Before reading, remember that the electro-magnetic field our system creates is ordered and controlled and works with our own natural bio-field to protect us from chaotic electric and magnetic fields.

Dr. Mercola’s Interview on EMF:

Top Five Sources of EMF Exposure.”

According to Vickie Warren we are all chronically exposed to a serious danger to our health in EMF exposure. Electromagnetic fields surround us on a daily basis.

The five primary sources are:

1. Electric Fields, anything with voltage; electric appliances, lamps, TV’s, computers, outlets (whether in use or not) and electrical wiring. This field, “affects electrical communication in your body such as your brain waves, or the ability of your neurons to fire and communicate, it can also impede inter-cell communication anywhere in your body.”

Health problems that can manifest; neurological and behavioral changes, altered cell growth, cell mutations, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and even cancer.

2. Magnetic Fields; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has labeled magnetic fields a class 3 carcinogen.  These fields can occur around power lines and electric motors such as washers, dryers, hair dryers, computers, televisions, clock radios, refrigerators, etc. A major source of a magnetic field is your power meter.

3. Power Lines, whether above or underground.

4. Metal Plumbing.

5. Wireless communications, this includes I-pads, Kindles and similar devices, smart meters, cell phones, cell towers, wireless routers, and cordless phones. These expose us to both electric and magnetic fields.

Some of the problems associated with these dangers are an inability to sleep properly, mood swings, and headaches.

(The above information comes from an interview with Dr. Mercola, M.D., with Vickie Warren, Former Executive Director of Bau-Biologie group for the United States.

Our Testimonial:

Many people are not sensitive to subtle energies but still receive the benefits of the system. Others have been able to feel the MagnaQuartz™ field and also have described an increase in energy, calmness and other health benefits. In our own extended family we have seen improvements in various conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, skin cancer, headaches, chronic pain, arthritis, sleeping disorders and depression.

We feel we should give a warning here. A member of our family suffers from severe clinical depression. When using one of the stronger area systems, he feels a dramatic lift in his mood to the point of not only lifting his depression, but filling him with a deep feeling of peace and joy. However, if he (and the rest of us) focuses on negativity, that feeling is enhanced. This effect makes it important for our family to be aware of the need to be positive. Some of us have experienced a sense of euphoria so strong that we feel its loss when we are away and are anxious to be back at home under the influence of the system. It takes little effort to work for a better attitude because the system is so strong that it quickly rewards our attempts. The relief for our family member who has suffered so much from depression has changed our lives.

Disclaimer.  What the MagnaQuartz™ system does is extremely difficult to measure and it has not been tested in any scientifically recognizable way.  The FDA has not evaluated it nor any claims that we have made.  Use at your own risk as this is an experimental device.  We would appreciate any feedback you might have. To comment go to or email us at


Indoor Small Area Deluxe System

This small area system uses stained and varnished moulding, quartz crystals, magnetic hematite, mother of pearl beads, turquoise, jasper, jade, abalone shell and copper wire. The boards pictured here are approximately 8 inches long and about 2 ½ inches wide and almost 1 inch tall. There are a few decorative items such as some leaves.

Here is a side view:

Here is a close up of the central quartz piece:

Here we see a chain connected to the central quartz piece to facilitate suspending it from a light fixture or the ceiling.  This high quality quartz piece is combined with yellow jade and jasper which are epoxied onto the quartz crystal.

Indoor Large Area Deluxe System

Pictured here is a system of the size from 3000-4500 sq feet. The boards pictured are 12 inches long.  The following price chart is for systems designed for indoor use.

Room or Building Size Model Retail Introductory sale
Up to 100 Sq feet Room Economy model $95 $75
Up to 100 Sq feet Room Deluxe model $248 $215
Up to 150 Sq feet Room Economy model $178 $148
Up to 150 Sq feet Room Deluxe model $318 $278
From 150 to 300 Sq feet Room Deluxe model $428 $378
From 300 to 500 Sq feet Room Deluxe model $506 $430
From 500 to 1500 Sq feet Whole Building Deluxe model $540 $459
From 1500 to 3000 Sq feet Whole Building Deluxe model $608 $516
From 3000 to 4500 Sq feet Whole Building Deluxe model $675 $574
From 4500 to 6000 Sq feet Whole Building Deluxe model $945 $803
From 6000 to 8000 Sq feet Whole Building Deluxe model $1,215 $1,033

These systems are custom designed according to the size of the room or house they are to be used in.  To order please email us at and tells us the size of the room or building in which the system will be used.

As with our other products, this system is completely experimental and its ability to protect from radiation of any kind is unproven at this time.  Please look at our science page to learn about the theories that support our beliefs about this system.