Budget Packet $19.95


Description – The budget packet consists of

  • 1 (PR) “Power Right” bracelet with magnetic, abalone shell or jasper, copper, and decorative beads
  • 1 (L) Left bracelet with magnetic and decorative beads
  • 2 magnetic strips
  • 2 quartz pins or 2 pouches with quartz pieces, or one of each pin and pouch

Specify size and weight
Pin and/or pouch preference


To Order click on the add to cart button or email to info@magnaquartz.com the following:

  • *Size desired
  • Specify pins, pouches or combination
  • Weight of the person who will be using the system [since the magnetic strength needed is determined by weight we will need the real weight of the person for whom you are buying the system(we always assume that the weight stated is that of your aunt Marge)]

Discounts are available for multiple items ordered as well as a reduction in shipping, which can be negotiated through email.

Each set is individually designed and will ship in 3-8 business days depending on volume of orders. Also items may vary in appearance from the products shown. Items may also be discontinued if materials become unavailable.

*choose from P-petite, S-small, M-medium, L-large, XL-extra large, XXL etc.

Budget Packet
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