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To order, please follow the link on the packet you are interested in for purchasing instructions. If you do not see what you have in mind, email and we will work with you to assure your order is what you want.

Phone Consultations:

Our system is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Many factors go into the way the materials are combined and which to use. Ancient alchemists strove for centuries to create the proper combination of metal, stones and magnets for optimal health. Now, through decades of research into the concepts which led to this system, and through a well-informed and crafted use of applied kinesiology, we can tailor make this product for the individual.

The magnetic and stone strength is determined by a person's weight but can vary due to health concerns. If you wish to have a packet specifically designed to your personal needs, we offer 15-minute phone consultations, to discuss health, and to use applied kinesiology for two practitioners to test your personal needs.

Below are the adult packets we offer. Later we will be adding other styles to choose from. For the higher quality packets, the samples shown are not necessarily a set. The buyer may choose a style and order any general color scheme for their personally designed set up to three colors. Many of our customers buy a slim set from our Style Packet for daily use cleaning, working, and sleeping. The chunkier styles are fun for wearing out.

The larger decorative and power stones on the right bracelets especially, are good for use outdoors when radiation is higher, and also good for nicer occasions. Discounts are available on the purchase of multiple packets except for the budget packet on which there is no discount available. A second item of equal or lesser value as part of the same order will receive a 5% discount and each additional item of the same or lesser value is 10% off if purchased as part of the same order.

Budget Packet
Basic Packet
Basic Hematite
Style Packet
Style Hematite
Deluxe Packet
Deluxe Hematite
Gemstone Packet
Gemstone Hematite
Custom Design Packet
$74.95 and up