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Fast changing events around the world make it difficult for people to keep up with the situation in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant in Japan. An almost complete news blackout on the developments, as per the demands of the Japanese Government, add to the challenge of staying informed of a danger that cannot be seen, felt, heard or smelled.

This unfolding event draws strong reactions from the public, whether it is a  complete refusal to discuss the crisis, or outright anger that meets most people who try to inform their friends concerning the facts being revealed about Fukushima. Willful ignorance and a strong determination to remain in denial, are natural when it comes to a threat to one’s family, especially when it is commonly believed that nothing can be done about radiation.

Our hearts have been breaking as we talk to people and read online comments from others that are filled with fear and hopelessness. This is why we are racing to share an exciting ancient science that we are convinced has helped our own loved ones be protected from the majority of the radiation that is circling the globe.

In 2005, the US Nuclear Agency reported that even low-dose radiation is dangerous. The reality is, the US is now being bombarded with low-dose radiation and this will continue for some time as reported in the following article:

Japanese scientist: Fukushima meltdown occurred within hours of quake, Washington Post, May 26, 2011:

The six-reactor complex on Japan’s northeastern coast continues emitting radiation into the air and water [...]
[John E. Kelly, deputy assistant secretary for nuclear reactor technologies at the U.S. Energy Department] also stressed that Tepco would have to continue pumping water into the damaged reactor units and venting radioactive steam for a year or more. [...]

Never have I seen an event bring out such unusual reactions as the Fukushima incident. For a time, I could not understand why almost everyone refused to even discuss the details, and in fact, the majority of people became irritated if I even brought up the subject, even in a light, off-handed way. I soon learned to keep my mouth shut, feeling terribly guilty at the same time since I have gathered facts which absolutely everybody should be aware of.

With time, two major factors have jumped out to help explain the strange reaction. First, people do not believe anything can be done, so they feel it is simple fear-mongering to discuss the possible dangers. Even many who distrust the honesty of the mainstream media are angrily defending the press, insisting they are being completely transparent about Fukushima. Second, if you cannot see it, feel it, or touch it, people find it terribly difficult to maintain vigilance in an ongoing situation. Sitcoms have trained us to expect for troubles to be wrapped up in 30 minutes…including commercial breaks for tasty snacks.

Many folks also insist the government would be honest if there were any concerns since they would have nothing to loose with honesty. I would beg to differ. Deluding themselves that we must keep people from panicking, the bottom line is always money. Wall Street must be protected, as well as the west coast breadbasket. Even people who are following the situation often comment that they understand keeping things quiet from the general public since there is nothing that can be done. Personally, I usually prefer disclosure, but in this instance, we definitely feel it is very wrong to keep silent since there are many things that can be done.

Even people who do not believe diet can help lesson long-term danger from even low levels of radiation, should understand the overwhelming evidence that people should at least stay out of the rain. This is one of the major mistakes made after Chernobyl.

What Led to MagnaQuartz?

Years ago we lived in a town with a lot of air pollution. My doctor told me that if I wanted to live, we had to leave. We took his advice and lived in a rural area with better air. Over a year ago, we spent a lot of time working in a location far from any air pollution.  My health greatly improved from the effects of the freshest air I’ve ever breathed. As a result, my heart improved, the symptoms of my chronic illness eased, and I had enough health to return to finish my last few classes to receive a degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies. This university is in the same town I had to leave because of the air pollution.  This winter, I went down hill fast and have really been wondering how I would make it through my last two classes next fall. All that has changed now and I will tell you why.

On March 11th, the world changed and most people have no idea. The Japanese government has now announced that three reactors melted down within days of the earthquake, but that they did not want to tell people in order to  avoid panic. They decided people were calm enough now to be told the truth. This is the best example I have ever seen of the frog being slowly cooked in a pan of water. This event is not even on most people’s radar.

Our modern society does not appreciate movies that last this long. Sequels are interesting, but if the plot is too dark and depressing, we say enough is enough. And where is the popcorn?

I believe most people refuse to look past the almost total news blackout of the last two months for one or both of two reasons.

  1. Fear…denial, since it is commonly believed that there is nothing that can be done about radiation.
  2. I noticed early on in discussions with people at my school and other friends, that many conservatives felt this was overblown in order to attack nuclear energy. I am conservative and have always supported nuclear energy, but that did not mean I didn’t want to know the facts on this specific situation.

Three days after the earthquake, I woke early in the morning with feelings of concern. Turning on the TV, I saw video of the explosion at reactor 3. There was a dark mushroom cloud, and afterward, streaming steam that had a chemically red tinge.  The next morning, the video had been replaced with footage of the first explosion, which was hydrogen and far less impressive. On Tuesday, the media was beginning to be more aggressive, as was our government, who  announced that we could not trust TEPCO and that the Japanese government was not being  forthcoming. Tuesday evening, CNN hosted a nuclear physicist who said this was Chernobyl on steroids.

On Wednesday, the media announced that the head of the UN Nuclear Commission would visit Fukushima the next day to assess the situation. Within a couple of hours of that Thursday visit, suddenly the media went almost completely silent on Fukushima and what little was reported was sprinkled with outright lies and distortions.

We now know that the nuclear plant workers confirmed 3 meltdowns by the time of the UN visit. For weeks we at least had news from Europe including maps that showed radiation  projections for the northern hemisphere. Finally, the Japanese Prime Minister demanded that other governments stop commenting on Fukushima without their permission. One by one, other countries began taking down their projection maps and went silent.

Monday, May 23rd, a Russian radio station announced that there had just been a significant underground nuclear event, with more details to come. Instead, not a word has been heard about this. Later that day, the videocam showed a huge plum of steam partially obscuring the nuclear plant. The next day, TEPCP announced that the radiation coming from reactor one had spiked to unprecedented levels.

Should we be afraid? No, we have reason for great hope and should always hope that there is  a way for escape even from this.

During the last week of March, I read an article explaining  how a radiation protection system was being used to repel radiation away from sensitive equipment.

My thoughts returned again and again to this article and I began to study. The ancient science I have learned from years of study have taught me a very clear and definite pattern. The things I learned fell perfectly into this pattern and have lead to MagnaQuartz.

Early one morning  I woke barely able to breathe. I went out to the living room and sat down, concentrating on trying to draw breath. Rain was falling heavily outside as I powered up my computer. I found a French radiation projection map showing that there was a heavy concentration of Xenon gas over my area. Not knowing what effects this would have, I did some research and  learned that the lungs could be effected, especially for those who have lung problems. Two nights later, I again woke to heavy rain and a frightening inability to draw much air. I decided to seriously begin looking into the science behind a radiation protection system.

Once I understood the basic principles, the rest came fairly easily, because what fell into place was the pattern I had learned in twenty years of personal research into the science of ancient cultures and quantum mechanics. I began to have immediate help from the system we put together, but it was not until I learned the principles behind the second piece of quartz and attached that to the tag on the back of my shirt that my breathing problems completely left. Now I have no concerns about not being able to finish school this fall.

Immediately, we began making systems for family and friends and are excited and encouraged by the results they are having from MagnaQuartz. We hope you will either make your own system, or try ours so you will not need to live in fear for yourselves or your loved ones.

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