Do you have concerns about radiation from nuclear power plants … cell phones …computers …television … air travel? Do you live close to high voltage powerlines? Want to be prepared for a dirty bomb?

Try our MagnaQuartz System to help protect your family from these environmental dangers, while still living a normal life and enjoying every day activities!

Our MagnaQuartz™ Radiation Protection System (MQ-RPS) uses technology similar to what NASA is now testing to protect its spacecrafts from dangerous radiation.  Quantum physics (or mechanics), is the branch of physics that attempts to explain matter and energy at the atomic and sub-atomic level. Our system is based on the science of quantum mechanics.

Pierre Curie’s famous piezoelectric effect explains how our system works but has never been applied to people. So now in an increasingly compromised environment, we can use the same protective energy field that benefits inanimate objects.

Pierre and Marie Curie in their laboratory early 1900'sWe have felt a positive effect from the use of our MagnaQuartz™ radiation protection system. Not only has this technology helped us and our loved ones, we believe that the strategic placement of quartz and magnets in a home, yard, or on a person, strengthens the body’s bio-field, which helps protect us from low levels of radiation and helps our bodies recover from low levels of radiation exposure.*

In addition, we have discovered that copper and the use of certain types of semi-precious stones (turquoise, jasper, jade, marble, hematite, etc.) and/or sea shells and pearls increase the strength of the body’s bio-field. We have incorporated these elements into aesthetically pleasing room/home systems and jewelry designs that we are pleased to offer for sale to the public.

Using the knowledge from decades of study into ancient lore and fine tuning an exact combination, size and strength of these elements with applied kinesiology, we have a very unique system that brings the chaos of random particles into a unified order that protects and strengthens our own body’s electromagnetic field.

On our science tab,  we discuss further the science upon which the  MagnaQuartz™ radiation protection system is based, as also the urgent need for such a product.  If after searching our product line, you wish to suggest a different combination or special order, please email us at orders@magnaquartz.com to explain your special order or get in touch with us with questions or comments.

*This and any other statements related to health have not been evaluated by the FDA. All of our products are unproven and are in the experimental stage.  Use our products at your own risk. Please refer to our science page for the theories behind our products.

We welcome people to try our products and give us feed back on any improvements in health or any problems you may encounter.  Also our system should not be construed as radiation protection equipment and anyone using our system should take basic precautions when in a radioactive environment.